Find out the diverse Fromin water bottles we offer, whether PET ice cubes, volumes from half a liter (16 oz) to one and a half liter (50 oz),  water in glass or 10 liter (338 oz) collapsible barrels.


Join us at trade fairs, professional and amateur golf or public events such as strollers race  or concerts that Garden Prague participates as  an exhibitor, donor or supporter.  

Fromin the unique artesian water



Discover why the Fromin water is unique and precious, what does  "artesian well" mean and why it is the best source of a drinking water.

Fromin documents and certificates


Download certificates, statements of the government supervisory authorities, laboratory analysis and other documents. Become the Fromin water expert and know what strict laws govern the production and labeling of natural spring water in the Czech Republic.